Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure


So, a few weeks ago I received my first Voxbox (Yay!). This is a feature from where they send you products to review and enjoy. I received two sets of nails – one with a pattern and one with one colour. I finally  got around to trying them yesterday.

impress manicure

Here are some of the pros and the cons.


– Very quick and easy to apply

– No drying time

– A good variety of sizes for my puny nails

– Fun colours and patterns


– Very long (they doubled the length of my pinky nail)

– Difficult to remove the backing of the final few nails as the others are applied

– Not very practical for my work at a greenhouse

Overall, I’m not sure if I would buy them again. They are an excellent product and fun to use, but with the work I do, it would be impossible to wear them and still get stuff done. Though I wouldn’t buy them however, I would definitely recommend them to people with larger nails and a less physically demanding job.

There were a few tips I found for applying them. Start with your less dominant fingers (pinkies, etc.) to make application easier. It was difficult to remove the backing when I had the nails on my other fingers. Also, peel the last few and set them to the side before you put them on – for the same reason.




So, I am a part of this website called Influenster. It is a place where people view products that relate to every walk of life, socialize, earn badges, etc. There is a lot of helpful product information on the site and there is even a place where you can ask questions about certain products or subjects and many people can answer them.

Oh, I almost forgot the best part! As people do these things (answer questions, provide reviews, etc.) they increase their chances of getting a Voxbox! A Voxbox is a box filled with different things that people are interested in. This can be makeup, dog supplies, school supplies and the like. The prospect of this is exciting! The only problem is that I have been a part of Influenster for a while now and I haven’t received one. That makes it difficult to continue doing those things. It is still a good site and I would recommend it for those that regularly blog or do similar things.

The link to this site is

When Life is Made


Have you ever had a day that was going okay, but then you heard some news that not only made your day but also the remainder of your life? That was my day yesterday. I was just going through my normal paces, humdumdeedum, when suddenly, I thought I heard something. Really, could that be? What? It can’t be! Really? REALLY? FOR REAL? It’s true? THIS IS AWESOME! WOW, WOW WOW! I AM SO HAPPY, I NEED TO TELL EVERYONE I KNOW. But they won’t care. WHATEVER, TELL THEM ANYWAY! HOORAY! HOORAY! HOORAY! MY LIFE IS MADE! This was basically my reaction. To say that I was pumped would be a gross understatement, I was pumped times two million, I was excited times five hundred eighty nine. I did go and tell others and, eventually, I found a few that also had some of the same excitement as me. Yesterday was a good day.

Well..I guess I’m a blogger


It’s so weird having a blog. I’m not very big on writing – I appreciate being creative with my hands or a camera more. So, if it doesn’t make very much sense or hops from one topic to another just enjoy it … you have the amazing chance of discovering the way my mind works. For example, I may just say LALALALALA sometime just cause I feel like it. I won’t apologize so you won’t need to forgive me. Fare thee well! With this, my first post ends.